Friday, March 12, 2010

Growing up and moving on...

Sometimes there is a puppy in a litter that just tears at your heart. In this litter it was Edge - the fat faced, calm demeanor, cuddler of the bunch. A friend of mine visited us a couple weeks ago and fell in love with Edge, too. And today Edge jumped a plane and took off for Arizona to an amazing home and a great future. We'll miss him terribly, but I know he has the best home any puppy could ask for.



Don Juan and Edge

Timber and Edge

Tama and Edge


Vang said...

You will be missed, I wish you well my brother. I hope that you will be as happy as I am in your new home.

A.S.I.A. said...

Welcome Bro Edge to the Valley of the Sun. I do so want us to get together again and wrestle. My Mom says you were her favorite of the boys in the litter. I'm still her favorite overall though :)
Call me 'K?
Love, woofs and wags,
Kioko (aka Betty)

Anonymous said...

okay big brother Kona and pet-Kai
says welcome!

Kai is asking for a play date because her neck hurts and wants Kona to play rough with someone else.

I say hurry up to the ring Kioko and Edge I want someone to play with.

my human mom says I am spoiled
and need to learn to share I think that is very over-rated

call me Kona

Yoshi and Family said...

Edge, sweet baby boy...I thought you were staying with your Mommy. Glad you found a perfect home. Will miss you very much as I've missed all your siblings too. Please keep in touch so that your human mommy can post updates for all of us. Miss you sweet boy!