Friday, October 06, 2006

The LUMP...

As I mentioned earlier, Farley has a lump. It's not a little lump either. Even the vet admitted that this lump scared her. The test results came back that the lump is not cancer. The vet thinks that it might be caused by trauma or something that is embedded under the skin. But until they open it up and look inside we won't know. I haven't scheduled the surgery yet. But will post what happens as soon as I know more.

It doesn't seem to be bothering him for now.

Update on Squeekers (Kiko)

It makes my day when I get updates on Tama's puppies. Now 9 months old, Kiko is still a tiny little thing. She weighs in at 8.9 lbs. From only minutes old she has always had a big power to tug at people's heart strings. This hasn't changed. She's a little girl with alot of people wishing her the best.


Happy 9th Birthday Kishi.

In a way it's bittersweet that Kishi is celebrating number 9. She has struggled with her health since she was 3 years old. Going from a vibrant, outgoing little dog to being miserable with chronic allergies. The past few years have been horrible battling the allergies and the yeast problems associated with the allergies. In the past 17 weeks, with diet and using the Nzyme treatment, I have seen an improvement in her overall itchiness. The redness is gone. The sores are gone. The smell is not nearly as bad as it was. She doesn't chew on herself anymore. And because of that she was able to lose the plastic cone that she wore around her neck. Her attitude that everyone knows as "kishi-tude" is back in full force. The skin on her stomach is back to a pretty pink color instead of the - disqusting to touch and even worse to smell - bright red that it used to be.

I'd like to say she's all better. But I can't. The years have taken a toll on my beautiful little girl. She doesn't look anything like she did before all the problems. Her skin is black in places and the hair doesn't seem to be regrowing in those areas very fast. I suspect that she has some blindness and possibly cataracts. And her hips are very weak and unstable. But I'll take what I can get - whether it's a month of seeing her feel better, six months, or another 5 years. I'm just glad that my special girl has a little bit of relief when she can get it.

So, as I promised, here are updated photos of my 9 year old. It seems like almost a life ago that she was a puppy jumping around at my feet.




Happy Birthday my Kishi.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I'm a little behind on the news...

I've had several emails asking how Kishi was doing. Kishi is doing better. Her 9th birthday is Oct. 6th and I'll give you a full update then. Her hair is growing back and the spunk has returned to the girl!

Other health news, 10-year old Farley, my australian shepherd has a lump. Right now it's about the size of a golf ball and still growing. So I took him to the vet on Friday and we are waiting on the results of the tests. It's definitely not a fatty tumor (per the vet). Otherwise he is perfectly healthy. And still can chase a ball, stick or frisbee like no other dog. So keep him in your prayers.

I hate when dogs get older.

But for some happier news. A couple weeks ago, one of the puppies, Piggy, won her first major in Prescott.