Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Introducing puppy "no name"

My first official bred-by shiba litter produced this stunning little girl (and two boys). A big thanks to John & Carol Calder and Diana Smiley for making this happen for me. I'm really excited about her.

Right now, "No name" is staying with my friend Renee. So also a big thank you to Renee and Yuki (her American Eskimo) for their unending dedication of socializing shiba after shiba even when they really "don't like" the breed. Even Renee will admit that this puppy is hard not to like!

OFFICIAL CONTEST: Name the puppy. Email me names for the puppy and if you win, I'll name the puppy with that name. OK, not much of a prize, but I would really like a good name for this puppy and I'm just not good at coming up with ones.

Suggestions so far - call name in ( ):
Kishi's Mischief Maker (Mystik)
Kishi's Born to Shop (Versace, Sace for short)
Kishi's Kokapelli (Koko)

Friday, January 07, 2005


I kept hearing whining coming from the other room so I went to investigate it. I thought maybe Kishi needed to go outside. It's cold here. Today it's 40 degrees. So I doubted seriously this was the reason since she hates cold, wet, rainy weather so passionately.

This fall we bought a new propane heater for the downstairs. It is set on a thermostat so it turns the fire on an off as it heats up the downstairs. I found Kishi staring into the blackened fire box waiting for the fire to come back on - whining. Then once she saw me she ran to her bed, bit at it, ran back to the fire, back to the bed, a couple of whines, she made a lame attempt to pull the bed, back to the fire. Now, it doesn't take much to read what Kishi was asking... move the bed closer to the fire... and after a few barks, a couple more times between the bed and the fire (for my own amusement, and because I knew it was making her mad that I just wasn't "getting" what she wanted), I moved the bed next to the heater.

A true Kishi-ism: reflections of a spoiled shiba princess.