Monday, July 07, 2008

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I just thought this was a cute photo.



Since Kona missed the reunion here's an updated photo of him at 10 weeks.


Reunion at 10 weeks

Kenji (Tres) and Oto (Dos) came over for a playdate with Trixie yesterday. It was great to see the 3 puppies together again. They missed Kona (Tank) who is in Arizona. Long distance puppy kisses to him.





Here's Trixie!

And Oto (Dos)


And Kenji (Tres)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Hope you had a happy 4th!

Trixie was the pick to go to the parade with us this year. It was the perfect chance to socialize her with lots of people, activities and noises. And she handled it like a pro. One of us carried her most of the time since she's so small and I didn't want her stepped on. And since she doesn't walk on a leash very well and it would have taken us all day to go through the booths prior to the parade.


Fireworks make me nervous. When I moved to this area my dogs had never been exposed to the sound and Farley injured himself badly one year out of fear. So I know I'm on edge every year when the fireworks start up. But this year none of the dogs acted like anything unusual was happening outside. Of course they all had really great chewies to concentrate on. So the only one nervous and pacing was myself. And most of that was because my 8-year old child was outside with the neighbors as they were shooting off their fireworks.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Low tide!

This spring the weather has been crappy. It's been cold and rainy, and only recently have we had some sunny days. We love to go to the beach when it's low tide. And last year when Timber was a puppy, we went alot. But since last fall when it started getting cold, we haven't gone. Who likes to stand on the beach in dreary Seattle drizzle? Definitely not I.

So I wasn't sure how Timber would handle his first time back in the water. He was so young last year, he was a little afraid of the waves. But I guess all the socialization last year made him fearless. He chased the birds, jumped right in the sound, checked out the sea life and ran up and down the beach until his paws were raw. Our beaches aren't sand - they are rocks, shells and barnacles - all sharp little things on puppy paws that are flying across them.

I didn't take my camera, but Ed did. So here's Timber hanging out at Wing Point which is normally covered in water but because of the low tide we could walk a long way out into the sound. High tide is back there where the clump of trees are in the background.