Friday, August 20, 2010

The journey of a lifetime - Day 1

Ok, I have to admit, I haven't been keeping the blog up lately. And I'm sorry. There just hasn't been much to blog about. Trixie was out of coat and not showing. I cut back on agility with Timber - as much fun as it is, that's one really expensive sport, and I've needed to take finances into consideration lately. So, really, you haven't missed much... until yesterday!!!!

We're taking a trip. 1900 miles. 5 days. With 4 dogs in a very small Toyota Rav 4. Yes, we're crazy. My sister, Renee, flew to Seattle as a second set of hands. We're crammed in that car like a bunch of sardines. And as I pull dog after dog out of the car, people at the rest stops look at us like we are the canine clown car.

All my dogs are good travelers. They know to relax in the car, they get frequent breaks, and lots of love and attention from us and everyone they meet.

Yesterday was 500 very long miles. Almost 12 hours from start to finish. We took lots of potty breaks - more for my sister who was downing large Diet Dr. Peppers like they were going out of style. We made it from Seattle to Missoula, Mt.

Timber. Oh. My. Timber.
Timber has figured out how to get out of his seat belt. He's very stealty about it too. So, I'm driving along and the next thing I know there is a soft nose nuzzling the back of my neck and heavy breathing in my ear. Dear Dog... Get in the back seat!!! I'd stop. Re-seatbelt him and 5 minutes later he was again nuzzling my neck. I think it was the heavy breathing that got to me.

So we're off for the day. More updates tomorrow!