Monday, December 13, 2004

Getting along OK...

Jazz is fitting in better with the rest of the pack. There is still a potential for a shiba discussion between Kishi and Jazz, so they are kept separated. And Don Juan was off playing with his favorite girl, Kishi, during this picture so both Kishi and Don Juan are missing from the photo...

Sunday, December 12, 2004

CH Tibbs Don Juan, NA NAJ

Don Juan had a good agility trial this weekend. He finished his jumpers title with a qualifying run of 100 (perfect score) and a big blue first place ribbon. That shows all those shelties in his class...Shiba Inu's CAN do agility!

Overall, Don Juan even ran better than a certain border collie that had 6 off courses in his excellent standard run. Dakota - what were you thinking! It's nice to see you happy on the course finally, and I love your new enthusiasm and speed, but what happened to that accuracy you are famous for?