Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dog Pile

It is time to start introducing the puppies to the other dogs in the house. I was a little nervous about introducing them to Timber. He's such a big dog and he still has hyper aussie puppy brain. Amazingly he was very calm with them. He played gently and let the puppies climb all over him and chew on him. I can't say the puppies were as calm with Timber.

Don Juan takes one whiff of their puppy breath and heads for the hills. Maybe he'll be better with them in a couple weeks.






Friday, May 23, 2008

Almost 4 weeks

It's a couple days early, but it was a good day to take some photos, so here are the puppy's 4 week old shots. We ventured outside after a little rain storm and I let each puppy sniff around and check things out. Please ignor the weeds in my garden. I've been a little busy lately with these adorable four.

Here's Uno! She has a very sweet personality. Jared carries her around everywhere and she's happy to be along for the ride. If he sits down, she crawls right in his lap. He started calling her Ono... as in "Oh No" she peed on the floor.


And Dos. He's still the spirited one of the bunch. He's slightly smaller than the other two boys, yet he's the more opinionated of the three. When I took them outside to take photos, he wasn't really willing to venture off on his own. He was content to just stay where I put him.


Tres. Tres likes to play and to investigate new things. He's usually the instigator in playtime in the puppy pen.


And finally Tank. Tank will follow you anywhere. He's a tough one to get a good photo of because as soon as you move away, he moves toward you. He's also very curious and likes to check things out.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's a big day for the puppies

It's the first time they tried real food. Well it's almost real food. I make a combination of baby rice cereal, goat's milk and meat baby food and I serve it up as puppy gruel. They loved it! The last litter took several days to figure out the eating thing. They just wanted Tama. But not this little group. They dove into it and looked at me as if to say "What took you so long?"

Here's a few pics of the messy little eaters.




Friday, May 16, 2008

Can't get any cuter than this.

Uno and Tres were napping on their backs this morning. I couldn't resist taking a photo of the two of them.


And since it was such a beautiful day out today. The puppies got to spend a few minutes in the grass. This is the first time they've been outside our house.

This is Uno being cute for the camera


Here's Dos exploring his new world


And this is Tres.


And here's Tank.

And isn't this the cutest face you've ever seen? (It's another photo of Tank)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Two Weeks old!!!

All the puppies have their eyes open now.
They have all had their first nail trims.
They have all doubled their birth weight.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

11 days

Wow are the puppies growing. They are getting bigger each day and alot cuter. Their eyes should open next week. They are already starting to develop little personalities. Here are a few photos that I took today.

Uno (the girl)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

One week old today!!!!

It's hard to believe how fast these puppies grow. Let's let the photos show the difference in a week. Since the puppies don't have names yet, we've nicknamed them Uno, Dos, Tres and Tank. Uno is the girl.

Uno (girl)
Uno has adorable heart-shaped striping on her forehead. Ed was the one who noticed it and has been kicking around calling her Heart-y. We're sticking with Uno for now until something better comes along. Uno weighs 1 lb 5 oz

And now for the boys...

Dos (boy with white paws, biggest blaze on his chest, and white tip on his tail)He weighs 1 lb 2 oz

Tres (boy with white paws, smallest blaze on his chest, and white tip on his tail)He is 1 lb 5 oz

Tank (no white on his paws, very small blaze on chest. He's the biggest puppy of them all) Tank weighs 1 lb 7 oz