Wednesday, March 29, 2006

And here's Boy #2 - now named Azuki

So grown up. He's the spitting image of his mommy at this age...



Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Puppy Update

I have several people that have emailed me asking for updates on the puppies. I haven't posted pictures of the puppies as I have been getting them from the new owners, but that is about to change. When I get new photos, I'll post them here. Here is Shimiko (nickname Shimmy). She is currently living in Arizona with this beautiful cactus flower to enjoy...


And the puppy that EVERYONE asks about, Squeekers, now Kiko. At last update, she was finally 3 pounds and enjoying the Arizona sunshine in her big yard with her puppy buddy and new family.


Monday, March 27, 2006

Motherly love

Even the best moms have bad days... especially when your child is out-of-control!


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Another day, another medication

Poor Kishi. Over the past 6 years we have tried just about everything that is possible to relieve her scratching and itching. I took her to the vet on Friday for her annual blood test for her thyroid medication. Normally she wears an elizabethan collar to keep her from chewing on her body. I removed it since it was such a short trip and thought she could make it an hour or so without being self-destructive. But, of course, on her way there, she chewed two huge holes in her back. The vet looked at her and made a couple comments that I have thought for a long time. Chewing on herself is as much habit as it is allergy. Her skin looks healthy. In the areas that she can't reach to lick or chew, the hair is in, the skin looks good. But in any area that she can reach with the elizabethan collar on, it is black, scabbed and cracked and nasty looking. So, the vet suggested we try a different approach, keeping her on the medication that she is currently on, we have added an anti-depressant to see if we can break the obsessive-compulsive licking that she does. The pharmacist at Rite Aid looked at me like I was a little silly when I dropped off the prescription, but they filled the prescription anyway. I've also changed out the elizabethan collar to a muzzle to give her a little more freedom, but take away the ability to chew on herself.

Yes, I am an owner of a dog on anti-depressants! What is the world coming to.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Top O' the Morning

And a happy Saint Patricks Day from one of the cutest shiba puppies in the Evergreen State!




Monday, March 13, 2006

Teaching Down

Once your puppy knows how to sit, down is a very simple command to teach. When they are in a sitting position, with your left hand, gently hold the puppy's rear end in place so it doesn't move forward, and with your right hand, lure the puppy into a down position by pulling the treat down and forward so the puppy has to reach in order to get the treat. Practice this over and over, saying the word "down" as the puppy makes the down motion. Once the puppy has down figured out, then add in going from a down to a sit and vice versa, until the puppy can do this freely on their own without you touching them. Eventually wean them off being lured into position by using your hands to give hand signals instead of rewarding them with treats. The hand signals that I use are index finger points at ground means to down. Palm up lifts up to sky, means to sit.

Wow, time flies...

At almost 10 weeks, Chase (Kishi's Run for the Money) has developed a serious sense of humor. This dog is bright. He knows sit and down, walks on a leash well, and even takes himself for walks around the yard...


But while he is out, he takes time to smell the flowers.


So far in the past two weeks, we have started a puppy socialization class along with his brother (Boy #2). Chase has joined us on our walking group for our weekly 4 mile walk. And I have to say that he did very well despite stepping on a blackberry thorn, falling in a hole and getting stepped on a couple times because he was underfoot. But he walked most of it on his own with alot of enthusiasm.

And he got his first bath. A very traumatic time in the life of a puppy.